City Track ski school for everyone!

Lessons for all levels and ages. Choose to improve your skiing in a private lesson or learn together with your buddies.

If you want to learn, you should do it correctly! The short hillside route is intended for the skiing and snowboarding beginners, and you will be accompanied by certified instructors who will teach you the proper technique and will help you to take the first steps in the sport of your choice. But if you are a more experienced athlete, our professionals will help you to improve and hone your skills, so you could move closer to achieving new personal goals.

Group ski lessons is a great opportunity to develop your skills, both for you as an adult and teens or kids. We have some of Baltic’s most reputable ski instructors.

A private skiing lesson with instructor puts you on the fast track to become a better skier. Private lessons are available from beginner level to genuinely advanced, in all disciplines and for all ages.

Sigulda City Ski Track ski school teaches kids aged to be safe and confident skiers, with the ski instructors.

Learn the basics of snowboarding or improve your style. During a snowboarding lesson, you'll learn how to turn - both toe and heel side turns, to get good at your boarding.

1 person (50 min.) 21.00
2 persons (50 min.) or 1 person (2 x 50 min.) 33.00
For the third and every next persons (50 min.) 11.00
For 1 person in children group (1 h 50 min.) 21.00
Adults group (up to 6 persons, 50 min.) 55.00
For corporate events or larger groups, an individual price agreement

Book your skiing lesson by e-mailing to  spt@siguldassports.lv


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