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Obligāti rezervēt apmeklējumu/Visit must be booked

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Sports Diagnostics for a effective training strategy!


Book training time in Siguldas Sports center!


1 Month GYM Membership - 33.00 €


Water park for the whole family!


Visit must be booked by calling +371 25448860!

Before visiting our Water amusement park, swimming pool, gym and group classes visit must be booked by calling +371 25448860!

Training in Siguldas Sports centre

Sigulda Sports Center is located in the heart of Sigulda. Brand new and multifunctional sports center with modern equipment will allow you to enjoy leisurely relaxation or the sports activities best suited to your taste.

Sigulda Sports Center Water park

Enjoy a leisurely break with your family, in tropical climate between palm trees and water where air temperature is +30 degrees throughout the year.

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