Equipment maintenance

At our centre, you can also receive technical help: our professionals offer the maintenance of skis and boards. In a short while, the edges will be sharpened, the surfaces will be waxed, and the defects – eliminated.

Ski and snowboard maintance  
Ski edge sharpening 10.00
Ski waxing 7.00
Ski waxing extra fast 11.00
Ski tuning (edges and wax). Kids' skis < 1.40m - 30% discount 16.00
Ski base repair 3.00 - 35.00
Ski binding mounting. For kids' skis <1.40m - 30% discount 11.00
Snowboard edge sharpening 10.00
Snowboard waxing 9.00
Snowboard waxing extra fast 14.00
Snowboard tuning (edges and wax) 17.00
Snowboard base repair 3.00 - 35.00
Wax removing for skis and snowboards 3.00

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