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Sports diagnostics

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Sports diagnostics will be offered:

  • A certified physical therapist who will help you to maintain and improve your physical functional status. By using different physical therapy techniques, athletes are treated after illnesses and injuries. The therapist also provides information about different preventive and health promotion measures.
  • A certified sports massage therapist who will help relieve muscle tension, improve the performance of athletes and prepare them for training sessions and competitions.
  • A nutritionist who will advise any active athlete to determine their energy expenditure, to choose a diet in accordance with healthy nutrition principles and to consistently consume protein, carbohydrates and dietary supplements that improve the athletic performance.
  • The physical function assessment department, where individually tailored physical capacity tests are carried out on a treadmill or a cycle ergometer by tracking the heart rhythm and simultaneously carrying out a respiratory gas analysis and measuring lactate concentration in the capillary blood. Additionally, the explosive power of the lower body can be determined on a vertical jump force platform, and a body composition analysis can be carried out. A cardiologist or a sports medicine doctor will use the data from all the assessments to evaluate your physical performance, and will provide recommendations for the improvement of the physical health. They will also suggest the most suitable type of sport and the recommended frequency, intensity and duration of physical activity, based on which an individual training plan can be created.



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