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About Group Classes

Does exercising in a group motivate you to do more? We offer a wide range of group classes:

In water:  Aquafitmat, Water Aerobics, Swimming Lessons, Infant Swimming;

For harmony   (exercises that help you find peace, balance energy and improve your body’s flexibility):  Cigun, Hatha Yoga, Pilates, PIYO, Prenatal Exercise, Healthy Back;

Cardio   (exercises that help you build physical endurance, strengthen your cardiovascular system and burn calories):  Step Aerobics, TRX, NTC, Core;

For strength   (exercises that strengthen your back and abdominal muscles):  TRX, Functional TRX, Pilates, General Development Exercises for Pupils, NTC, Core.

We use diverse and professional equipment in our exercise classes to make every session unique and exciting. Your teammates will motivate you and give you fighting spirit, and professional coaches will not let you give up and motive you to do more at the right moment, because you can do it! 

Do not hesitate to ask any of the Sigulda Sports Centre coaches to help find the right type of sport for you! You must apply to the group lessons in advance, by calling 25448860 or 67973111.

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