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Personal workouts

Working out with a personal trainer means an individual approach and guaranteed results!

In the personal workouts, you will reach your athletic goal faster and safer, and the process will definitely be more effective. All of our trainers are certified and professionals in their field. They will motivate you when you feel like giving up, and they will support you when you have to do the seemingly impossible!

Personal workouts at the Hall of Strength are meant for people of any age and physical fitness level. The trainer will develop a program suited for your physical capacity level, in accordance with your abilities, physical endurance and lifestyle. Workouts with a personal trainer can be arranged both individually and in small groups (two to three people).

You can apply to the personal workouts by calling 25448860 or 67973111.

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Instructor services 1 person
Personal training, 90 minutes  16.00
Personal training for two persons, 90 minutes 25.00
Personal workout program (basic) 35.00

Personal workout program (advanced)


Personal training, if combained with individual workout program (up to 3 trainings within 1 month)



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