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The most modern GYM in Vidzeme

If you want extra energy for the next week's work or improve your physical strength, then the Sigulda Sports center GYM is just the thing for you.

During the exercise, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are strengthened, so it is important to take note of your heart rate index during the exercise, which is displayed on the Life Fitness Insignia exercise machines.

We offer 17 different Life Fitness Insignia cardio machines - treadmills, step machines, elliptical trainers, a rowing machine and Tomahawk professional cycling machines.

Exercise in the free weight area increases body muscle mass, develops strength, boosts metabolism and corrects body weight and posture. The free weight area is equipped with Life Fitness strength machines.

In the Hall of Strength, we offer 4 special cardio units by SciFit suitable for professional athletes and amateurs in the rehabilitation period after a trauma, and for people with special needs and restricted mobility. Exercises on the rehabilitation machines promote the recovery of mobility and improve the overall health.

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