Laser biathlon

Biathlon is considered to be one of the most popular and most watchable winter sports. In this sport, two diametrically different types of physical activity are tied together: aerobic exercise, which includes skiing, roller skiing or running, and shooting, which requires concentration, a steady heart rhythm and a focus on a stationary object.

In laser biathlon, weapons with a laser technology are used; they do not physically shoot out bullets, but rather a laser beam which is aimed to the target. These weapons are completely safe, and no special training or licences are required for their use. The rifles look, weigh and function just like the weapons used in biathlon.

If you enjoy watching or participating in biathlon, then you know that two types of activity are linked in this sport: aerobic exercise and concentration on shooting. On our track, we invite you to try laser biathlon, in which weapons operated by laser technology shoot not bullets, but a laser beam at the target, making this activity completely safe and suitable for everyone who is interested in laser biathlon (licences are not required for the use of laser weapons).

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Equipment rental   1 stand
For one person 1 hour 6.00

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