At the service building of the “Fischer” Ski Centre, you can find a shop with accessories for both winter and summer sports, sports food, ski wax and “S! Aizrauj” brand accessories. From the winter accessories, “Fischer”, “BRIKO”, “Maplus” and “BULA” brand hats, gloves, socks, ski equipment bags and other skiing and outdoor equipment is available. From the summer and all-season accessories, the products of the popular brand “ASICS” are available, and “Fischer” Ski Centre is the only place in Sigulda where these products can be purchased. From the ski wax and tuning equipment, it is possible to buy the wax made by the Italian company “Maplus”, which is highly regarded by top-level athletes all over the world. All season long, “ISOSTAR” sports food such as beverages, energy bars, gels and other nutritious products are also sold at the Ski Centre.


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